Professional development


Speaking Topics Overview

The following are topics that can be used for professional development training, conference workshops, keynote addresses and parent-family education.

1. The Neural Classroom: Restoring The Stressed Brain. This topic addresses three key components of understanding the stressed brain: both in children and adults. The material investigates brain function, the impact of emotional-toxic stress on the brain, student profile associated with early life stress, relational learning and classroom tools to assist educators.

2. Dropped As A Child: Silenced As A Man: A little boy trusted the person who took care of him and one day when bad news arrived, he was “dropped”. This impacted him for the remainder of his life he was never the same. Often, a single life event can impact development, formation of personality and lifestyle. This teaching examines moments where a drop may have occurred and the impact it has had on forming us.

3. Introduction To Autism Spectrum Disorder: This teaching is designed for educators and parents to offer an introduction into the world of ASD through the lens of neuroscience. It examines the parts of the brain that can be impacted from ASD. Additionally, it investigates cutting edge resources in the treatment of ASD.

4. Understanding Your Child’s Brain: Understanding child-adolescent behavior, motivation and moods can be challenging. This teaching provides neuro-science principles that will assist parents in creating a more positive parent-child relationship.

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