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Florida Institute for Neural Discovery

Helping parents, children, & educators change learning trajectories and educational outcomes.

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Who We Are

We offer professional training for educators, parents and businesses. Our educational workshops focus on teaching educators how to relate to and transform students who have been exposed to toxic-chronic stress. Without intervention these students are more likely to experience incarceration, broken relationships and substance abuse issues.

For parents, we offer workshops centered around understanding the child’s brain and how behavior can be changed.

For businesses relationships we offer professional training on “Attachment-Resilience-Motivation: The Secret to Thriving”, along with trainings centered around the “Leader’s Brain” and “Team Building: A Brain Perspective”.

What We Do

As an educational, research and consulting agency we offer a variety of services.  We assist students, parents and educators in developing learning profiles for students who may have been impacted from early life trauma; while assisting the parent/guardian with tools to aid the child with coping skills. In addition, we offer training for educators on how to spot a child affected by trauma while showing the dynamics of early life stress in children and train educators in developing classroom tools to support the early life stress student.


What Others Are Saying

FIND is helping families and individuals just like yourself, discover inner healing and wellness.  Here are just a few testimonies of FIND’s impact.

“Simply put, the “gold standard” in marriage counseling! Dr. Callahan was an absolute professional when it came to helping my spouse and I navigate our differences. Within our many sessions he not only gave us the tools to be successful as a couple, but methods to better understand each other as individuals. His Christian-based approach to teaching and counseling is what in my opinion, sets him miles apart from any other professional counselor we have seen. I personally have and will continue to recommend his services, not just to married couples, but to anyone who is in need of professional aid. I repeat, come see this man if you need help in this journey called life!"

D.D.H. - Lakeland

"Dr. Callahan entered our lives at one of the most challenging and unexpected seasons we've experienced as a family - dealing with behavioral concerns of my son at school and at home. I felt like I was at my wits end, yet had some concerns that there was more going on than what we saw on the surface. I've sat in sessions with Dr. Callahan and my son. I've sat in sessions with just my husband and I. I've also had my own "mini sessions" in passing. EVERY TIME Dr. Callahan has been observant, intuitive, gentle, easy to talk to, and informative. He thinks outside the box, is reassuring and gives practical advice that we've been able to use as a family, at home, at school and on the go. Dr. Callahan is amazing with kids and adults. He has been a vital part of our transformation. I truly believe he was heaven sent! I'm beyond grateful!"

D.O. - Lakeland

"Dr. Callahan has walked with my family through some of the most difficult times in my life. We adopted our children when they were young in age and we were completely at a loss when mental problems began to surface. Dr. Callahan was able to explain to us about RAD and the biological nature of what happens in the brain during pregnancy and after. He has given us so much knowledge to be able to walk this path with compassion and understanding. He has encouraged us and challenged us, we are stronger because of him!"

A.M. - Lakeland

"Navigating through a difficult time in my life of losing a parent, with Dr. Callahan’s guidance I was able to deal with my loss and embrace my life again."

A.B. - Lakeland

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